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Large denim retailer

Customer Situation – Large Denim Retailer

Large printer rollout over 105 retail stores, mixture of devices and no hardware maintenance contract.  If there was a problem with the device, staff would often try to fix the machine themselves as no process was in place to obtain support

There was a manual ordering process for all consumables, which had to be managed by the store manager.  It was up to staff or the store manager to monitor the consumables and know when a new one needed ordering.

The order for consumables would be placed by the store manager and ordered centrally through the IT department. They would also dispatch the consumables, meaning the time from placing the order to actually receiving the required consumable could often take several days, and in some cases weeks.

There was also no cost transparency, with the store manager unable to see the cost of the toner ordered, until the cost was applied to the stores expenses.  This resulted in value for money not being achieved, and the store manager unable to accurately budget for the toner requirements.

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Lyreco Solution

By providing free on loan devices, Lyreco were able to ensure the same technology was distributed throughout all stores, to deliver a cohesive and easy to manage solution.  All devices were supplied with an extended warranty and hot swap process – so where a device could not be fixed another device is left in its place to ensure the sore always has uptime and availability of their printing machine.

The process for ordering toner was completed automated, using a simple software tool that places the order for a new consumable every time the existing toner alerts the software that it is running out.

The fixed pricing for the contract provided all the stores with a clear framework of the precise costs of consumables and enabled them to track and monitor the cost of print.

Key Benefits

  • Automated toner ordering and delivery completely removed a manual and timely process
  • Toner always available at the point of need
  • No hardware expense – devices provided free on loan
  • Hardware support through extended warranty and hot swap process
  • Complete cost transparency with fixed pricing for all toners

Large Insurance Company


Customer Situation

In a large insurance company, with employees working from home, there was no clear process to support print.  Printers were dispatched by their central IT department, but came with no hardware or service contracts, making the devices difficult to manage when things went wrong.

The business also had home workers, who needed a printing solution, but were managing it individually resulting in a wide range of devices and toners being used with no cost benefit.

Lyreco Solution

The new fleet of devices was delivered by Lyreco on a free on loan basis, negating the need for investment in the hardware.  These same devices were also given to home workers to ensure they had devices that were cost efficient, and easy to use to support them at home.

Extended warranty was provided on the entire fleet of devices to ensure they would be support by Lyreco for the full three year contract, and a framework pricing agreement was put in place to deliver complete cost transparency.

All toner was set up to order automatically using the software tool Lyreco provided to the customer.  This meant that no employees ever had to order toner again, as the machine would do it for them – ensuring it always arrived to the correct machine at the correct time.

Key Benefits

  • On demand toner delivery by Lyreco
  • Extended warranty
  • Full cost transparency
  • No investment in hardware – toner only contract
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IT Developer for Pharmacists

Customer Situation

An IT developer for Pharmacists was providing toner on a transactional basis, with the pharmacies contacting them every time a new toner was required.  This involved a manual process with no clear point of responsibility in the pharmacy, often resulting in the printers being out of ink before the new toner order was placed.

Lyreco Solution

By offering a simple automated process to deliver consumables at a fixed contract price, Lyreco were able to significantly enhance the end user experience of the printing solution, and give the IT Developer full sight of all toner orders across the entire fleet.

The solution completely removed all of the manual processes associated with print, and delivered a simple end to end solution across all sites.

Key Benefits

Toner always available at the point of need – devices are now never without the toners and staff do not have to do anything to ensure they are ordered on time – just leave it to Lyreco!

The fixed price for toners gives complete contract transparency and gives a competitive price taking into account economies of scale.


Network of Accounting and Advisory Firms


Customer Situation

With over 150 independent consultants, there were no centrally provided facilities to support the individual sites.  This resulted in each site implementing their own printing solution, giving them no guidance on industry practise and meaning they could not drive value through scale as they were all contracting for small contracts locally.  Each office would have an entirely different solution from the next, with no cohesion across sites.

Lyreco Solution

The Lyreco solution gave the customer a framework of devices specially selected to be right for the industry sector and the specific work undertaken by the accounting and advisory firms.  The devices were provided free on loan, with only the toner being paid for on an as needs basis for the three year contract

Key Benefits

All sites were delivered the same level of technology, specifically chosen to meet their business requirements whilst driving economies of scale by using a framework.  The pricing for the toners was fixed for the length of the contract to give complete cost transparency, and assure every site that they only ever need to pay for what they used.

Significant cost savings were delivered through the free on loan hardware, and competitive pricing on toner delivered through the contract, giving every site the same great value for money.