Managed Print in Retail

Managing multiple sites is a challenge in its own right. Throw in something ‘technical’ like printing and the difficulty multiplies

Often space is at a premium in store with staff focused on delivering a great customer experience and less likely to focus on whether the printer is working properly, and if it needs attention. Taking print and having it managed actually works fantastically in this scenario, allowing staff to focus on their core task and giving the job of print to someone who understands it and wants to get involved.

We can help you by firstly looking at where you are now, what your processes are for supporting print and how accurately they are carried out. What is the cost of print for your organisation?

Is everything that is being printed supporting your business and being used correctly?

All too often, only the consideration of how much volume is currently being produced and what the cost of that is, are taken into account when looking for a new print solution.

What if 40% of the documents being produced aren’t supporting the business and end up quickly in the recycling pile? What if simple things like double sided printing and defaulting to black and white are not being used?

Looking at small easy to implement changes, hand in hand with your printer estate, gives much more room for savings, increases productivity and produces a solution that is much easier to use.

By taking into account the wider picture, understanding the needs of every site and having the agility to deliver to service and support through different channels, we can help you not only implement a better print infrastructure, but also more efficient print process. Leaving you with more time, money and headspace to get on with your business

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Managed printing in retail

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