Managed Print in Public Sector

Printing in the Public Sector has long been identified as a business critical but costly part of the business.  Many Public Sector bodies have adopted a traditional Managed Print Solution, centralising print volume onto larger multi-function devices and doing away with desktop printers to drive significant savings.

But now, in a landscape where print volumes are in decline, what’s the next move? We can help you understand by looking at how your landscape has changed and deliver an unbiased view on the return on investment your current fleet delivers. We look at the processes in your business that actually generate the print you have and look for small changes that can be made to increase savings, further reduce volumes or improve productivity – or all three!

We look at return on investment – are devices that cost the most and capable of producing the highest volumes located in the right area? Are they being unused? If so, we can move them to a better location. Have your volumes dropped off so significantly that investing thousands of pounds in larger multi-function devices no longer makes sense?

Security being another key priority in the Public Sector has also fundamentally changed in the last few years, in terms of the governance guidelines and how we all protect data.  How are documents protected? Are all of the processes documented to prove compliance? Do staff find processes easy to follow?

We can help you drive a deep understanding of your current print and document infrastructure and answer these important questions.  With that knowledge, we help you build a solution fit for purpose for today and agile enough to take you into the future.

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Managed printing in public sector

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