Managed Print in Pharmacy

Printing in pharmacies is, without question, business critical as it is likely to be linked to prescription printing.  That comes with its own challenges in that many pharmacies only have a single PC and so gaining access to the printer can be tricky, and then there are all of the governance and security requirements to take into account too.

We help you, by delivering a solution that is the same in each of your branches to give you complete consistency, using devices that are certified for use against your back office programmes.

We enable Pharmacists and Store Managers to be on task by implementing proactive ordering on all of the printers, meaning they never have to place an order for toner and you have all of that toner delivered through a single partner, at a price that is completely fixed for the life of the contract.

You gain peace of mind, knowing that the devices we manage for you have the relevant encryption levels and security settings.  We build a bespoke installation plan with you to ensure every device is installed and trained the way you want it to be, the way that supports your business.

We can even support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and set up mobile printing from phones and tablets, where required, and of course lock those facilities down so that people who shouldn’t print, can’t!

We work hard to take the pain out of printing making sure you can concentrate on your business.

Lyreco helps you do more.

Managed printing in pharmacy

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