Managed Print in Healthcare

Healthcare, even with its digital advancements, still relies on printing for some of its core business practices.  But the busy day to day running of your business tends not to lean towards a centralised managed print solution.  Often, there isn’t the room for large devices in a place where space is at a premium and bed numbers are key.

The way people work in Healthcare is different to many other industries too, with few staff having their own desk or computer, and peoples’ jobs pulling them into multiple locations.

A different way of working can help. We can help you assess your current print environment to understand what small changes you can make to affect a big change.  We look at everything – not just what printers you have now, how fast they are and what volume they are printing – although important, that only paints part of the picture.

What we help you do is get to the real information – what is being printed and why? In a lot of organisations we work with and do assessments for, we find simple changes that can be made make a huge difference to the cost of print and the productivity of staff.

Some documents barely make it off the printer before they are relegated to the recycling bin.  A lot of these documents don’t need to be produced in the first place – agendas for meetings and printing emails are examples of bad documents, ones that do nothing for your business but cost you money to produce and manage.

Teaming managed print with a document review means you can make your next move a fully information based one.

We help gain insights into your business and build a solution, just for you.  Then we implement it, manage it and make sure it’s agile enough to change with the needs of your business.

Lyreco helps you do more.

managed printing in healthcare

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