Managed Print in Education

Printing in an education establishment often involves a lot more consideration towards locking the device down and security than it would in a standard office environment.

Often the locations of the printers can be accessed by staff and students alike, so locking them down to ensure they cannot be accessed by rogue hands becomes incredibly important. Also, the documents that are being produced often have sensitive information, including names, and so security and GDPR considerations come into play.

Cost is of course a key consideration, with budget cuts and an ever growing list of governance and targets to achieve, wasting money on print is simply not an option.

We can help you tackle these challenges, simply and efficiently through our installation services – to ensure every device is set up to comply with your security and policy requirements, to delivering simple to use technology that’s reliable and cost efficient.

We also have absolutely no leasing in our solutions, we give you the technology you need to deliver print for your business – and, without the ties of a lease contract, we can be agile and adapt to your ever changing needs.

And perhaps most importantly, we guarantee no price increases for the life of your contract. Not a penny. Meaning you can plan for your costs and budget effectively.

A solution with value, flexibility, security and support

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Managed print in education

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