Managed Print in Construction

Printing on a construction site needs its own solution! Often printers are in portacabins, or locations without heat at night, so devices can become frozen or over-heated.  There’s the dust created by the site and the fact that there are probably only one or two printers available – meaning they get used a lot!

But you need to print.  Those printing jobs are absolutely critical to the day to day running of the site.  So how do you go about it?

We work with you to understand what your site turnaround is – how many sites you have open at any one time, how long they are likely to be open for and what future sites might look like.

We deliver technology, specially built with fewer moving parts, meaning they are far less susceptible to breakdowns caused by dust, temperature changes and heavy handed use.  We install those devices on the sites for you and deliver the training too.

When sites close, we can collect the printers, recondition them and distribute them to your new site – giving you a real return on your investment.

We can even store devices for you when they aren’t needed, or use them as hot swaps for when one urgently is.  And with our logistics infrastructure, all of this can be done simply and efficiently.

We also help you make sure every device is set up for optimum cost and productivity, setting defaults, PIN printing and security levels for you – giving you peace of mind that all of the printing, no matter where it occurs, is being done in line with your business expectations, delivering cost reductions and increasing the efficiencies of your workers.

A simple solution that means you can just print – we will do the rest.

Lyreco helps you do more.

Managed print in construction

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