Managed Print in Banking

Office printing in the banking industry is often a game of two halves – with the head office and branch printing calling for very different solutions.

Whilst head office printing can lend itself towards centralised multi-function devices, branches often struggle for space and don’t always drive the volume.

But delivering two different solutions under a single contract, and with a semblance of simplicity, is difficult.  No-one wants branches to be left to fend for themselves without service and support, but it’s difficult to manage a disparate solution.

Then, of course, there are security requirements to take in to account and protecting customer data.  This means you need to look at more than just print – you need to look at processes too

We can help you by visiting your sites and documenting how staff are interacting with documents, picking up conversations with key team members to bring that full picture to life.

There will always be some things that you can implement from our findings that are simple to achieve yet have big benefits to the business.  That’s where we focus.  Finding those key improvements that are easy to swallow for the staff but deliver to the bottom line – whether that’s saving money, improving document control or security compliance.

Lyreco helps you do more.

Managed printing in banking

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