Managed Print in Legal

In the Legal arena, print is often linked to a much broader discussion.  Often, it is a chargeable resource to clients and more commonly integrated into case management systems.

The sheer volume of print associated with the Legal industry means getting the quality and management of print right, as it directly affects your business.  No one wants fee earners trying to mend printers!

Converting documents to digital format and sending them straight into case management systems, and giving teams the ability to fax from desktop, really maximise the productivity of the workforce, enabling more cases to be managed with fewer manual processes.

We can help you look at how paper flows through your business identifying any key pinch points that interrupt the flow and prevent your business from moving as quickly as it could.

Using a simple, easy to manage print solution means you can concentrate on your business, and staff can focus on their jobs – not printing.

Lyreco helps you do more.

Managed printing in legal

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