HP Subscription

Subscribe & Simplify

Help maximize cash flow with a monthly subscription to use best-in-class hardware and services–plus, it allows you to renew your technology every three years for a low monthly payment.

Benefits of Subscription

HP Subscription is a business financing solution that lets you combine best-in-class hardware services, and software for a convenient monthly fee. Providing new technology to your staff is essential to your productivity and growth. HP Subscription makes it simple to do just that, by providing a flexible and affordable option for your business. Speak to your Lyreco Account Manager today about your leasing options.

Stay up-to-date

Technology changes quickly with HP Subscription, you renew every three years without the worry of owning out of date technology at the end of the agreement.

Reduce Costs

Ongoing upgrades & maintenance can add up, decrease the financial impact of downtime caused by technology issues by choosing the level of support, additional services & software you need.

Save Time

Free up resources by picking from the latest and greatest HP hardware and the best subscription duration for your business (24 or 36 months).

  • 1. Sign up – ┬áContact us for more information and/ or a quotation based on your budget and requirements. Sign the subscription documents, and you’re in business.
  • 2. Gear Up – Start using your brand new HP gear and services, and work productively for 24 or 36 months.
  • 3. Refresh – When your subscription is over, simply return your product and get new gear from our latest technology

4 Simple Steps

Choose your products

Available on HP Business products. This is a leasing plan that enables companies to take advantage of our flexible terms to allow them to keep hardware up to date. This is not a monthly payment plan. HP subscription is only available to VAT registered companies in the UK or Ireland that have been trading for more than 36 months.

Get an instant quote

Contact your Lyreco Account Manager who will give you an instant estimate of the monthly cost followed up with firm quote from Hewlett Packard International Bank. All quotes are valid for 14 days.

Complete paperwork

When you’re ready to go ahead let us know and Hewlett Packard International Bank will send the paperwork directly to you for signing. When all the paperwork is complete we will process your order and aim to have your goods with you within 48 hours.

Refresh in 2 or 3 years

Your technology will always be up to date with a subscription contract. We will be in touch 3 months before the end of your contract term to let you know you’re due to refresh and help with your requirements.

*Customers do not own the product at the end of the agreement