Simply Print is a managed print service with no complex contract, no lease agreement and no price increases.

Lyreco Print Services gives you the opportunity to simply print:

  • A brand new printer or MFP for three years
  • Installation of that new printer or MFP, including setting up PCs and mobile devices
  • A three year next business day service and support contract
  • Fixed price on your ink and toners for three years

To get started it could not be simpler. You have two choices – If you already know exactly what print services you’re looking for then go ahead and click the contract/proposal button below. If you need a bit of help and guidance simply click ‘find my solution’ below and we will get you to the right device for your needs.

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Lyreco print services is our transparent and simple managed print solution built for you by you.  The entire concept of Simply Print was borne from feedback from our customers, who need a different way of managing their day-to-day printing in their businesses

  • No minimum commitments of fixed charges – if you aren’t printing you aren’t paying
  • No leases or credit checks, just a small upfront payment for your installation and service plan, then just the cost of the consumables as and when you need them
  • Unlimited service callouts for three years
  • Supports home workers – we can send an engineer to workers homes to setup and support printers for you
  • Absolutely no price increases on ink and toner for three years
  • Simple contract, with no complex clauses of commitments